Growth Beyond The Walls

Reliance HCM is excited to announce that we’ve moved into a fantastic new space on Market Street, along with two other Lamp Post Group companies. We’ve grown from 2 employees to 12 in under 18 months, which has been exciting as well as challenging. While this move was a tangible one, it’s also prompted us to think carefully about how and why businesses grow.  

What Growth Means To a Company

In business, growth is great; it is exciting and fresh. Expansion provides hope for the future and progress gives a sense of security. When a company is experiencing growth, its investors, managers, and employees feel a collective warm glow effect. Often, people experience positive feelings with the mere prospect of growth because it provides hope for future success.

Growth can be hard to quantify in the short term; day-to-day numbers may not reflect true progress. Rather, growth is a result of long term success made up of many smaller wins. This is why consistent effort and productive habits are so important. Good habits are essential to growth because they provide employees something to fall back on when times are difficult or business is slow. 

Growing plant step with coin money

In sales especially, there are many highs and lows. Every month the metrics reset, and it often feels like one is starting over from scratch. It can feel like all of the work from the previous month doesn’t matter anymore. In the world of sales there are slumps that are a natural reality. What keeps people going through these tough times is a trust that if they put in the work, success is just around the corner.

Seeing The Big Picture

Habits, goals, and hope (for growth and future success) are motivators for the modern employee. Some argue that these have more of an impact on employees performance than a paycheck. At Reliance, we pride ourselves in being a workplace where each of these motivators are evident. The implementation of good habits, achievable goals, and an accountability with a consistent growth mindset, are just some of the factors that have propelled our company to be recognized nationally for being great place to work.

Reliance HCM has certainly benefited from adopting these proven methods. Our employees are given a clear path to success so that they know exactly what they need to do to progress, no matter their position in our company. We encourage companies to consider the mental factors that will positively impact your business and your employees and implement a strategy to reinforce these regularly.

Growth is always just around the corner!

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