Having a #PeopleFirst Mindset in the Face of National Headlines

At Reliance HCM, we aim for our blog to be an informative source relevant to the industry and insightful to areas of HR and business. As a service oriented person in a service oriented role, my focus is to alleviate any burdens our clients endure in their daily workflow. This has instilled in me an innate nature to be aware of and want to dive into others’ burdensome situations. Although not immediately relevant to the industry, there are times we will be transparent with a variety of national headlines.

With that said, I want to escape the insurance realm for a moment. I would like to escape our entire nation momentarily to be quite truthful. I am not a politician therefore will avoid diving into politics. What I am first and foremost is a mom; and as a mom this entire last week I have been heavy laden with others’ burdens, consumed with hurt. Hurt for people I do not know, for families waiting to hear from their loved ones and now for a family who will leave the happiest place on earth devastated.

My heart aches for the turmoil we face in our nation. Then I go straight into panic mode. This is the world my children are growing up in. Long gone are the days that kids leave out in the summer morning on their bicycles not returning until dinner time while we never once question their return. Behind us are the days in which our families leave in the morning heading to work and never wonder if we could receive a text such as “He’s in here, I’m going to die.” The feeling I get even typing those words sends chills down my spine.

How can we not empathize first? Choosing to rid blame from our minds. Blame seems only destructive. Can we really be so heartless to blame a parent for a child pulled away by an alligator? So all in all to say, this was such a sporadic and tragic accident. The definition of an accident is “a sudden event that is not planned or intended in which causes damage or injury.” Have you ever been in an accident? Was it penciled into your planner?

I read a statistic through a friend’s feed I feel is informative.

In the last 70 years (1946 – 2016) in Florida alligator attacks that required medical attention were 257.
Alligator encounters that caused death were 17.
In comparison:
In 2014 alone, in the US, there were 850,000 people bitten by dogs that required medical attention. I have a dog, a Rottweiler at that. 550,000 were hospitalized. There were 42 deaths caused by dog attacks nationwide. There were 5 deaths in Florida alone that year.

I have stood, ankle deep in the very same water this child stood. Are there “No Swimming” signs posted? Yes. Was I swimming? No. Was he? No.

This is a devastating time in our country right now. I hope that we all take the stance Reliance HCM does every day by putting #PeopleFirst. Choose kindness over hate and let’s pass that core value onto our children.

– Written by Andrea Lewis, VP of Account Management at Reliance Human Capital Management

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